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Lovely Day for Collaboration

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Eirik Gudmundsen



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In Xait and with XaitPorter we always talk about collaboration as a key value. You would think collaboration and collaborative efforts would be challenged during times of quarantine and isolation. But the last couple of weeks have shown that collaboration and togetherness are thriving, even when we spend most of our time apart from each other.



Eirik`s Easter


We see increased use of cloud solutions for document creation and video conferencing helping people work from home and stay just as productive. We see schools using cloud education platforms that allow teachers and students to continue their schooling from home. And the vast selection of movies and TV series from streaming platforms will keep us entertained for a long time.



Easter Puzzle


During the Norwegian Easter, we had the opportunity to take a break from what has now become a daily homeschooling and home office routine. Even though we had to stay in the same house with the same family members, we did what we could to change the scenery. We replaced the computers on the dining table with puzzles and Easter eggs. And we of course ate a lot of chocolate!



Easter Eggs


We often talk about collaboration in connection with work and school. But during the Easter weekend, I realized how much I also appreciate the collaboration within the family. Not just to finish the puzzle or eat all the chocolate. It also takes an effort for each of us to stay positive and energized during day after day in the same environment.



Easter Listening Party


Sometimes we of course have to retreat to our own corners for some privacy (in my case I always go to the record player and the online record listening parties). And sometimes siblings (or parents) cannot resist an argument. But most of the time, we were able to relax and enjoy the time together.

During the Easter break, we sadly received the news that the artist Bill Withers had passed away. I have always enjoyed his music, and especially his most popular song, Lovely Day. The song reminds me how we should treasure every day for what they are, and appreciate the people around us, whether they are close or at a distance. As we go back to our daily home office and home schooling routine with collaboration between family members, colleagues and partners, I wish you all a Lovely Day!


Lovely day by Bill Withers on spotify



Bill Withers

Author picture

Eirik Gudmundsen

As Chief Executive Officer of Xait, Eirik Gudmundsen brings 18+ years of experience in developing industry-leading software technology for the Oil & Gas industry. Eirik also has 6 years of international experience in Marketing and Sales, both as regional leader of Middle East and Asia Pacific based in Kuala Lumpur, as well as Global Sales & Marketing leadership roles based in Stavanger, Norway. Eirik is passionate about family, work and music. He enjoys listening to a lot of different genres from Pop & Rock to Jazz & Soul. On the odd occasion he also records and plays music, both on his own and with his band Action At A Distance.

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