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License to Win: How XaitPorter Helps you Create High-Quality License Applications

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Last Friday, the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy announced the 25th licensing round on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

This round comprises a total of 136 blocks/parts of blocks, 125 in the Barents Sea and 11 in the Norwegian Sea. The application deadline for companies is 23 February 2021 at midnight, and the aim is to grant new production licenses during the second quarter of 2021.


XaitPorter – the Preferred Collaboration Tool for Licensing Round Applications

For two decades, XaitPorter has been the standard licensing round application solution for oil companies in Norway and worldwide. In fact, close to 100% of the winning applications in 2019 were produced in XaitPorter.

Xait has extensive, hands-on experience in helping oil companies streamline and ensure the quality of their license applications for acreage.

How exactly can Xait and our co-authoring and automation solution XaitPorter help you create your most business-critical document?


How XaitPorter Helps you Create Winning License Applications

Producing license applications involves a large, multi-disciplinary, cross-site team working together for a long time. Those involved are under enormous pressure to secure the source of their company’s future profits.

Customer Success Managers can assist with your application document structure and offer consultancy services during the completion process. Sure, there will still be days of hard work to meet the deadline – but we can assure you that all those caffeine-fuelled late-nighters will be a thing of the past!

Let’s look at how using XaitPorter to create the license application will help you steer clear of the typical productivity stumbling blocks caused by file-based solutions:

Content Repository

XaitPorter is database-driven, which means there is only one version of the most up-to-date content. The content is not made into Word/PDF files with multiple versions stored in a shared folder, as is the case with most file-based systems. With XaitPorter, any changes made to a section will be reflected in all working documents containing this content.

Built-in Workflow

Team members who write, review and approve can have access to the same document simultaneously. This way, everybody knows what's going on at all times.

As a project manager, you can easily look at a progress report to see where you are lagging, in order to adjust and recover. People will be automatically notified that deadlines are approaching. You won't have to chase down every single team member to secure content. This gives you complete control from start to finish.

Automatic Formatting

Gone are the days of version tracking struggles, brand consistency worries, files being locked or overwritten, and problems compiling multiple formats into one consistent document.

XaitPorter offers templates based on your corporate branding guidelines, allowing you to focus on the content and the structure of your document.

In a nutshell: XaitPorter is purpose-built for the type of complex document production that license applications constitute.

Once you’re done, the solution itself will create a fully formatted bookmarked PDF or Word file in accordance with your corporate branding guidelines, with zero effort on your end.

You can simply click ‘print’ the night before the deadline and get a finished, professional application.

The outcome? More control and transparency throughout the document creation process, more applications produced with less overtime – and a greater likelihood of being awarded the operator license.

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The competitive edge you need to win

There’s a reason our clients book us for the licensing round each year. In helping them create their applications faster, with increased quality and control, we help them achieve a competitive advantage in a high-stakes game where there’s only one winner.

Want to know more about how XaitPorter can help your company create winning licensing applications? Get in touch with us.


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Kristian Lie-Bjelland

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