How Sales Enablement Enhances Sales Performance

How Sales Enablement Enhances Sales Performance

Tore Medhaug
30. Sep 2021 | 3 min read

How Sales Enablement Enhances Sales Performance

Changing times mean that sales as well as the buyers journey have changed. Our whitepaper How to Sell in the 21st Century discusses this topic in greater detail.

In other words, traditional selling isn't necessarily the best way to win new clients. The reason is that the evaluations and decision processes for the buyer's journey have changed over time.

A better sales process is crucial for your team to become more efficient. Sales enablement helps to accomplish this.

Why, You May Ask?

With a clear sales and marketing strategy for sales enablement, you and your team will save time and be more efficient. More importantly, you will be in better control of your sales process and your buyer's journey.

If you want to keep tabs on the buyers journey and have control over the process, you must provide the right content for your sales team. The more information, data, and analysis you have, the more trustworthy and valuable you will be to your clients.

In today's market, sales executives and sales reps spend a lot of time creating content that is specific to their client. They will be able to stay ahead of their competition if you provide them with quality content and information.

Results are largely determined by activities, but if you don't have a sense of control and have little understanding of what's going on in your pipeline and funnel process, well, the time you invest in activities is useless.

Getting Started With Sales Enablement

1. Information and Content

By gathering as much information as possible, you will be better able to enhance sales enablement. You will most likely be unable to provide your client with the necessary value if you keep the information to yourself. Sales enablement relies on sharing.

2. Collaboration With Marketing

You cannot accomplish everything on your own. Building your strategy, pipeline, and funnels with marketing will make you stronger, as you will receive more information and data that you will need.

3. Sales Training

Meetings and activities are good, but not knowing how your internal systems work will make you inefficient. Be sure you have the education and training you need.

In sales management, make sure your team is aware of and understands the value of the various solutions. The sales executives or the representatives won't use them if they don't see the value.

In short: By providing the sales team with accurate, up-to-date information, data, and analysis, they will be able to sell more as well as be more efficient and productive.

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Tore Medhaug

Tore Medhaug

Tore holds a Technical degree and has a variety of business courses from BI Norwegian Business School. He has previously worked for different oil service companies and IT companies. Tore used to be Norway's biggest self-proclaimed golf talent, and also has a big passion for Ice hockey.

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