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Collaborating seamlessly from home

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Kris Sæther



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As we entered 2021, we were excited about the end of the pandemic being in sight. We kept our fingers crossed that the vaccine rollout would bring us back to (almost) normal by spring.

Four weeks in, and the tables have turned yet again. Here in Norway, for instance, the Oslo region has returned to a shutdown state. Many information workers have been sent back to work from home again.

For many companies, this will bring back well-known collaboration challenges. What happens to you and your team's progress when the ability to collaborate on a project is hampered by something you cannot control?


A framework for streamlined team collaboration 

Are you currently working on a complex tender or report? Managing such a project is not an easy process even under the best circumstances, let alone when you are working remotely.

Having a framework in place that ensures everyone knows what to do as the project moves along is essential. Each of your team members needs to have access to the necessary information in order to do their jobs. This can be a content library, graphics or simply feedback from the team guiding the process along.

Without a proper system in place it is hard for you as a project manager to gauge where you are in the process, who is doing what and what strategic changes must be made to ensure success.


Co-authoring and automation software helps you win

For many managers a co-authoring and collaboration software solution would go a long way toward addressing many of the issues that arise once no one is left at the office and the deadlines remain unchanged.

The ability to assign roles and tasks to your team helps ensure you have a workflow that keeps the momentum going on your project even when you’re not there to chase down every last section of your final document. This allows you to see the project be created in real time and provide comments and feedback as you go, without being blinded by a check in / check out system. 

Suppose the project is created as a single document, and you don’t have to compile pieces of a document scattered across your team before enacting critical changes. In that case, you and your team may just be able to pull off a win even while fighting an uphill battle.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2020 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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Author picture

Kris Sæther

Kris Sæther is Chief Commercial Officer of Xait. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Media Studies, and has worked in financial communication in London and Frankfurt prior to joining Xait. He has 20+ years experience from the information management industry. Kris is an avid runner and skier, and a passionate fan of the world’s coolest soccer team, Tottenham. If he is not working or running you will find him cheering for his two daughters on the handball court.

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