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Are You Prepared For the U.S. Oil and Energy Boom? Part 2

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As we discussed in our previous article, oil and gas activity in the United States is likely to be high this year. In both onshore and offshore projects, CAPEX is expected to rise.

This high level of activity is creating lots of opportunity for you – especially as the U.S. investment in climate change plans increases. But competition is fierce.

To win these high-stakes projects, you must deliver a range of high-quality documents, from preliminary design concepts and environmental impact statements to complex bid and tender responses. Despite your best efforts, however, you might need help to create documents that accurately reflect your company's expertise.

That's where Xait comes in. With our tools and know-how, we can help you win more business.

So, what USA projects could result in exciting RFPs coming your way?

Gulf of Mexico is the Epicenter of Opportunities and Growth

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) recently held a webinar called “USA energy outlook 2023 - challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas industry ”. USA oil & gas advisor Vinnie Carvalho gave a presentation detailing U.S. energy market trends.

Carvalho reports, referring to the chart below: “The 2023 investments in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels of 2018 and 2019. This is driven by two categories: Operations and EPC. Each one is ranging around a 9 to 10 percent increase.”

As shown in the chart, Shell, BP, Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, and LLOG are the top 5 offshore operators:

GOM Trends XaitPorter

Source: NORWEP

As Carvalho continues his presentation, he highlights the startups of 2023 in yellow in the chart below:

GOM Projects XaitPorter

Source: NORWEP

In conclusion, Carvalho discusses the key takeaways from his presentation, concluding that “2023 will be a great year to capitalize on short-term and long-term opportunities”:

Norwep Takeaways xaitporter

Source: NORWEP

By 2025, BP Will Invest $7 billion in its Gulf of Mexico Operations
European supermajors are expected to be more cautious with their money because of the windfall profit tax imposed by the EU and UK on energy companies.

Despite this, BP plans to invest heavily in the USA in the coming years. In 2023, the company plans to invest $2.4 billion in its onshore US oil and gas business, mostly in Texas. In addition, BP plans to invest $7 billion in its Gulf of Mexico business from 2022 to 2025, according to its 'US Impact Report'.

BP notes in its report that the investment will help the company transform into an integrated energy company, “increasing production of resilient hydrocarbons that are some of the lowest carbon barrels of oil compared to other oil-producing regions.”

BP's next wave of growth will be fueled by several new major projects, including:

  • a $1.3 billion expansion at the Atlantis field

  • a second major expansion at the Thunder Horse field, expected to boost production at its largest platform by 50,000 barrels of oil per day

  • the $9 billion Mad Dog 2 development, expected to start up in 2023 – including the new Argos floating production platform, which will produce up to 140,000 barrels of crude oil per day from as many as 14 production wells.

With the Right Proposal Management Solution, You Can Capitalize on Upcoming Opportunities

The oil and energy sector in the US will be strong through 2023 and beyond. This is especially true in the Gulf of Mexico. There are more than just the top 5 players investing there – independents and mid-size operators like Talos, W&T Offshore, Beacon Offshore Energy, Kosmos, Murphy Oil Corporation, OXY, and Ridgewood are also moving in. These operators need partners to help them apply their technologies and achieve their goals.

Are you and your team of experts prepared to deliver more top-notch proposals for upcoming projects this year and in the near future? Have you got the right tools?

If not, consider this: Wouldn’t your company be more competitive if your proposal team and subject matter experts – the people who create your most valuable, high-stakes sales assets – spent less time battling the process and more time submitting winning proposals?

You're at a competitive disadvantage if you create proposals using a standard desktop publishing tool or spreadsheets, especially where compliance is key. Those tools can't be relied upon when millions of dollars are on the line.

Read more: Advantages of XaitPorter in a complex document production process

The Big Projects Are Coming – Let’s Help You Win the Ones You Want

Xait has over two decades of experience helping international oil and renewable energy companies simplify and streamline their document production to maximize their revenue from bids and proposals.

XaitPorter, our industry-leading co-authoring and automation solution, is perfect for complex tenders, proposals, and reports. Globally, it's used by major corporations. I invite you to sign up below for a free demo.

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Kris Sæther

Kris Sæther is Chief Commercial Officer of Xait. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Media Studies, and has worked in financial communication in London and Frankfurt prior to joining Xait. He has 20+ years experience from the information management industry. Kris is an avid runner and skier, and a passionate fan of the world’s coolest soccer team, Tottenham. If he is not working or running you will find him cheering for his two daughters on the handball court.

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