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Franklin Energy

Franklin Energy cut time spent on proposals in half using XaitPorter.

Zach Thatcher

Customer Xperience Manager


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Who is Franklin Energy?

Franklin Energy delivers the energy efficiency industry’s most substantial offering of demand-side management services and solutions to electric and natural gas utilities and statewide organizations across the United States and Canada. 

In late 2017, Christina Brickner, the Director of Proposals and Business Development Systems at Franklin Energy, began searching for a documentation collaboration and creation solution to fit their needs. Seeking something that would improve their writing process for proposals while also supporting their operational teams’ needs, Franklin Energy chose to start off with a pilot of XaitPorter. 

Within six months, the team at Franklin Energy fully adopted XaitPorter, and have expanded usage across five departments.


Our mid-year ROI review confirmed we had achieved our goals by cutting time spent on proposals in half. This allowed us to respond to 65% more bids with the same level of resources.

 - Christina Brickner, Director of Proposals and Business Development Systems at Franklin Energy


Xait Solution

Download the case study as a PDF and learn how XaitPorter has allowed Franklin Energy to spend less time in their writing process, bringing a demonstrable return on investment.

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