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Kvaerner saves time and money using XaitPorter

Kris Sæther

Chief Commercial Officer


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To create business-critical documents faster and more efficiently, Kvaerner is leveraging cloud-based software XaitPorter.


Who is Kvaerner?

Kvaerner is a leading provider of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, and delivers offshore installations and onshore plants for upstream oil and gas production around the world.

Kvaerner ASA, through its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Kvaerner"), is an international contractor and preferred partner for oil and gas operators and other engineering and fabrication contractors. Kvaerner and its approximately 2 600 HSSE-focused and experienced employees are recognised for delivering some of the worlds most amazing and demanding projects.


Saving time by streamlining processes

Demanding schedules call for streamlined workflows. Kvaerner was looking for a best-in-class solution to optimise their document creation process.

The company produces a large variety of tenders and operational contracts across different business segments. They considered several of the premier co-authoring document solutions in the market, and chose to go with XaitPorter.

Kvaerner started using XaitPorter in April, 2018. According to Fredrik Finseth, Business Development Manager, the company already sees substantial efficiency gains:

– Using XaitPorter has helped us spend considerably less time creating large and complex documents. What’s more, the solution allows us to easily reuse already approved content for our next tender. This saves us a ton of time.


Optimised collaboration and workflows = winning more bids

As an international knowledge-based company, Kvaerner is constantly looking to work smarter and achieve more, in order to improve competitiveness for future bids.

XaitPorter enables knowledge workers to focus on content, and the solution can reuse and re-purpose this content smarter.

For Kvaerner, the result is that the organization as a whole is better able to manage the creation, maintenance and application of content across their live documents. As the quality of the content is increased, so is the likelihood of closing the deal.

– Using XaitPorter allows us to establish the entire document structure for the delivery, and we can easily delegate tasks to the right people for each section. Finseth continues. – This means that multiple writers can work seamlessly on the same document at the same time. It’s easy to navigate through the various sections and subsections. The result is clearly defined responsibilities, and a streamlined process.


A leaner and more efficient organization

Getting everyone within a company onboard with a new solution can be a challenge, but for Kvaerner, the software adoption process has been smooth sailing.

Finseth explains:

– We are investing heavily in the digital transformation we are in the middle of right now, and XaitPorter is an integral part of this development.


XaitPorter – a wise investment in a tough market

Moving toward 2020, there is an increasing need for true collaborative solutions. XaitPorter enables Kvaerner to deliver high-quality documents ever faster, all the while retaining complete control over all aspects of their content assembly and writing process.

Since adopting XaitPorter, it’s safe to say Kvaerner is pleased with their results. They have cited much less time spent on their document creation – and a demonstrable return on investment.

Time is money, they say. Using XaitPorter, Kvaerner saves both!

To learn more about Kvaerner and what they do, visit www.kvaerner.com/

Using XaitPorter has helped us spend considerably less time creating large and complex documents.