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Jocelyn Q
Director of Marketing
"Great for document formatting, branding & RFP management"

I love that XaitPorter has a straightforward user interface that responds as simply as Word yet formats everything to our corporate specs as established in our onboarding. The system allows my team to produce professionally formatted documents without the headaches of formatting it or outsourcing the document for branding purposes. ...

Carol W
Tendering Manager, Oil & Energy
"Valuable tool to maximise efforts when responding to tenders"

The template allows us to create collaborative professional responses focused on content. The library and search function gives us easy access to previous information so we can cross reference data and tailor responses for each document. It has a very intuitive interface so new users can adapt with minimal training requirements. ...

Administrator in Pharmaceuticals
"Despite a few limitations, Porter has been instrumental in our proposal development process."

We have all of our re-usable content and all of our finished proposals stored and easily searchable/accessible in Porter, which saves a TON of time. Admin-level users can see all activity of other users, preventing people from saying they've reviewed things when they actually haven't. ...

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Collaborative Creation

Our reviews from capterra

Ian E.
Product Marketing Manager
“Significant Improvement in Proposal Development”

We wanted to improve our proposals - look, feel, efficiency at creating. XaitPorter is the perfect solution for anyone who produces technical or commercial proposals. It is so easy to use, proposals look great (and in line with our corporate guidelines). Very easy decision to continue using. ...

Henrik M.
Technology Professional
“Easy to use colaboration software”

As a Porter administrator I have very good experience with porter. It's easy for new users to get started with Porter, easy to set up lay-out templates that saves the users a lot of time. The functionality with setting up a workflow with responsible contributors and deadlines ease the whole document creation process and ensures that the document is completed before deadline. ...

Anna C.
Tender Manager
“Definitely useful”

Easy to use once you spent some one on one time with it! Love consistent results that look highly professional every time. ...


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