Seamless implementation

XaitCPQ is expertly and efficiently embedded into an organization through our tailored on-boarding process.


Prepare for success

Because each client is unique, flexibility is key for XaitCPQ. We offer a variety of implementation options to match your strategy and budget.

Fact Gathering

We will gather all the necessary details for your CPQ implementation from the key objectives through to specific detailed configuration requirements. We provide you with a comprehensive check-list and guidance notes so that you can prepare in advance. Our experienced CPQ Consultants will take you through each section on the checklist in detail to build a complete picture of the project.


Configuration Design

We will analyse the fact-gathering feedback and consider the optimum way to structure XaitCPQ for your products and services. Our considerable CPQ experience is employed to design your structure for both ease of use by your sales team and equally important ensure simple maintenance by your Administrators. We know that it is neither practical nor necessary to cover every aspect and we will usually focus on the highest running and most complex or challenging items.

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We will calculate the input required from our team and your team then recommend an individual implementation program built around your particular circumstances, your desired timeline and budget through a series of workshops. These are conducted either on-site or remotely via the Internet. The frequency and type of these workshops is flexible to meet your internal expectations and available resources.

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Support might take the form of

Help & Guidance

A request for help on a particularly complex rule or perhaps guidance on a new product range, model or enhancement.

Configuration Services

General configuration and administration services where your internal resource requires some temporary resource.


Administrator training, User training and workshops to teach a designated trainer will supplement your launch programs.

Let us help you.

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