Tech Aid



Technology companies in the region have been discussing an arena for collaboration and networking between companies. We think that collaboration will accelerate innovation and competency in the region

It is key to provide a company neutral stage where large and small companies can meet, socialize and collaborate. In parallel humanitarian organizations within technology companies have been looking for a large social arena to share important messages and contribute to humanitarian causes.

A technology networking event was born. By joining the humanitarian causes with technology companies need to collaborate and network, Tech Aid was born.

Tech Aid is a social networking event for technology companies in the region.



Drive regional innovation and collaboration, while supporting a charity of choice

Planned event Q3 of 2020.

Venue is set to Tou Scene due to flexibility. Between 300 and 500 participants.

Our ambition is to define an important tradition for the region.

The cause

All profits are donated to our humanitarian causes.

All work done by executors are done voluntary, special discounts by venue and food providers.

Low cost execution.
Two contributions are chosen for this event.
A local initiative with “Kirkens Bymisjon”.
A global contribution to “Ingeniører Uten Grenser”.


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