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XaitPorter is a leading document
co-authoring and automation
solution for teams

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Improve the Quality of your Documents

Improve the quality of your documents

Create documents up to 70 Pct Faster

Create documents up to 70% faster

Increase win rates for Bids and Proposals

Increase your win rates for bids and proposals

Automate your Document Production

Automate your document production

How XaitPorter works

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Focus on the content

Efficient project management means that you can focus
on your content and the message you want to deliver.

Get control of your writing process


Collaborate across departments,
regions and companies.

Work together in real-time, with diverse teams located
anywhere in the world. True document collaboration.

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Document Collaboration across departments, regions and companies

Create high quality documents
up to 70% faster

Improve the quality of your documents to increase your win rate for business critical documents.

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Powerful Features

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Producing Documents using Xaitporter vs a Word-processor

XaitPorter allows contributors to work in parallel by editing individual sections of a document, simultaneously. When creating documents using a normal file-based Word-Processor, each contributor waits for the previous contributor to complete their section before they can begin, wasting both time and money.

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The Evolution of Document Collaboration

Starting with the invention of the modern typewriter, innovation has changed the way we collaboratively produce, store and share documents.


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