Watch on demand: Documents Beyond Borders 2021 conference

Watch "Documents Beyond Borders" 2021 Xait + Privia Conference

Ops! Did you miss out or maybe you would like to re-watch certain parts?
The 2021 theme "Documents Beyond Borders" gets your business to the win faster and smarter. By tearing down the boundaries that limit writing and reviewing and hinder visibility and control, documents without borders helps you and your team collaborate and deliver the high-quality, stand-out proposals today’s evaluators demand for the win!

There's something for everyone on the team:

  • Directors: An Agile approach to Shipley!
  • Managers: How to avoid strategy corrections!
  • Coordinators: How to save production time!
  • Writers: How to avoid rewrites!
  • Reviewers: How to think like evaluators!
  • BD & Sales: How to be easier to buy from!

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