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Collaboration is the new competitive advantage


If there is a market for your product or service, you’re sure to have to have competitors. That’s nothing new. But increased global competition is changing the environment facing most companies today. New competitors are entering previously isolated markets and new disruptive technologies are putting pressure on organizations not only to compete, but also to be increasingly flexible and innovative. It is essential for organizations – both small
companies and global names – to respond and adapt to survive.

The question is: How?

Collaboration will be a key competitive differentiator for organizations in all industries in 2020 and beyond. According to a joint study between the Institute for Corporate Productivity and Babson College, companies that actively work to leverage collaboration as an organizational skill are five times more likely to be high performing. Researchers identified that the top factor in peak performance was the fact that the organization enabled collaboration as an operational imperative.


Find the Xait software that’s right for you

Simplify the complex and deliver competitive documents 70% faster

XaitPorter is the document co-authoring and collaboration solution that accelerates your process and improves your content quality.

  • Take the back and forth out of your bid process
  • Take the wait out of your content development
  • Take the repetition out of your formatting and numbering
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Ease creation and deliver personalized sales proposals

XaitProposal is the intuitive, self-guided proposal creation solution that optimizes your time for faster sales quotes and technical briefs.

  • Take the search out of your content creation
  • Take the effort out of your formatting and numbering
  • Add rules and calculations
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Shorten the sales cycle and increase pricing productivity

XaitCPQ is the business rules automation and guided-selling solution that reduces your time to price for peak productivity at higher margins.

  • Take the hesitation out of your solution configuration
  • Take the labor out of your formatting and numbering
  • Take the repetition out of formatting and numbering
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Slash the response cycle and deliver Request for Information responses faster and easier

XaitRFI is the easy-to-use, Request for Information (RFI) response solution that accurately beats your deadlines in minutes, instead of hours.

  • Take the guesswork out of your RFI response
  • Take the hesitation out of your response process
  • Take the time out of your formatting and numbering
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Shorten the sales cycle and increase buyer engagement

XaitWebProposal is the self-guided tool for creating secure, custom and interactive microsites that engage buyers for greater impact.

  • Take the wait out of your buying experience
  • Take the delays out of your sales cycle
  • Take the web development out of your sales process
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Increase the efficiency and quality of the proposal process

XaitAI is a secure, closed-system, with Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based AI training to understand, analyze, suggest and assess customer content. *Currently only available for XaitPorter.

  • Take the delays out of your bid analysis
  • Take the hesitation out of your proposal writing
  • Take the cons out of leveraging AI
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