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Webinar: XaitCPQ Major Product Release

What to expect
Xait has announced the release of some great new features and additions to XaitCPQ. Discover these cool new features in this webinar, and explore how they will help you and your organisation deliver sales faster and easier.

  • A chance to see how our CPQ experts are helping sales users and administrators work more efficiently.
  • Demonstration of the features for sales users
  • Demonstration of the features for administrators or anyone wishing to learn more about the technical aspects.
  • Q&A session.

The best way to stay ahead of your competition is to make sure your proposals get to customers first, are correctly priced, compelling and look great - every time.
Depending on your use case, some or even all of these XaitCPQ features will keep you one step ahead.

In this session, Håkon and Matt will show how these new features can be used to add value to your sales process.  And then Matt will take administrators through the details of how to introduce them.

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