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Focus On the Design

Modern shipbuilding has become one of the most technically innovative industries today, responsible for many of the most advanced moving machinery in existence. The demands of projecting timely, well thought out and good value ships are creating high demands on the teams responsible for designing and building the ships. 

The shipbuilding industry has become fiercely competitive in latter years, with more focus on lower costs and modular construction, creating an environment with little room for error. This led to the birth of the SFI standards allowing the ship designers and shipbuilders worldwide to create and work from a standardized universal technical specification. 

The design specifications for a ship is a document consisting of several hundred pages of valuable information; each one with details specific to each design line, wharf, vessel and shipping company. Due to time constraints and focus on reducing costs, quite often many companies tend to reuse copies of previous specifications, cutting and pasting various sections and numbers of the SFI based specifications. The danger with this is that you might be reusing content that is out of date or not up to the latest safety regulations. It is also possible that you are increasing the cost of the new vessel due to previous special requirements for old vessel designs that might not be necessary for your latest one.

By utilizing XaitPorter you get the benefit of creating your ship specifications directly from a database. Allowing you to manage and reuse your SFI content in a responsible and structured process. Some SFI codes might be general for all vessels, while others are unique, perhaps only to a specific vessel type or client. With XaitPorter you can create custom templates per vessel type, ship, class, client utilizing linked, copied and unique content to reduce the amount of double entries and to centralize, as well as increase the content you are re-using. You can of course also write content from scratch, specific to your latest innovative design.

The universal benefits of XaitPorter means you do not have to worry about the appearance and structure of the document as XaitPorter has taken care of the formatting and SFI numbering for you. Allowing you to focus solely on the design and specification of your new vessel.

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