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Use XaitPorter to create your most business critical documents

XaitPorter is used by oil and energy companies around the world to produce licensing applications for acreage. In the UK, more than 20 oil companies are using XaitPorter for the traditional licenses, with great results. XaitPorter has also been used successfully for licensing rounds in Greenland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Ghana. In no country’s licensing rounds, however, is XaitPorter more popular than in Norway.

In Norway, all oil companies must apply for production licenses through licensing rounds. The Norwegian Government then awards acreage on Norwegian Continental Shelf to oil companies with the best technical application. Writing these applications involves a large, multi-disciplinary, cross-site team working together for a long period of time to produce a comprehensive document. Those involved are under enormous pressure to secure the source of their company’s future profits.

Due to the complexity of writing these applications, XaitPorter quickly established itself as the standard solution for oil companies to use. While teams still have a demanding writing schedule and work hard to meet their deadlines, XaitPorter has virtually removed late night work. Project managers can review work done in real time, and therefore have complete control of the process. The drafting department is able to start work early on in the process, because they can see the entire application as it is being created.

Gone are the days of version tracking problems, files being locked or overwritten, and problems compiling multiple formats into one consistent document. And rather than spending days compiling the final document, and hiring a third party to create the layout, project managers can now click print the night before deadline and get a finished, professional document that is consistent with branding guidelines.

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XaitPorter is a solution that helps you increase the quality of your business critical documents.

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