Safely Transition to Servitization

The only pricing software designed for AfterMarket and Servitization Contracts


What can AfterMarket and Servitization software do for you?

The most complete AfterMarket and Servitization software

Strategic Pricing teams can now evaluate the costs and risk to profitably price tailored performance-based multi-year service agreements. Ranging from single location / single machine model to multiple location / multiple machine models on a global basis, we have developed a new software class that can lead you into the forefront of the servitization era.

B2B multi-year agreements made easier

Servitization in 3 steps

Build your solution sets
  • Build your solution sets
  • Quickly capture your Product Based Service Catalogue
  • Use our powerful BOM to create the Service-Relevant product features
  • Define the functions details
  • Define the relevant processes (eg: break/fixes, inspection, replacement, etc)
  • Add the corresponding service levels you wish to assess and offer
  • Easily maintain your service and product catalogue
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Validate the Business Case
  • Define cost parameters for each process
  • Set the external risk parameters
  • Run simulations over different periods
  • Create the business case around your parameters, solution sets and pricing rule
  • Verify the forecasted costs and revenues
  • Fine tune and validate the business case for each solution set and product
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  • Instantly make the solutions sets available to your sales teams
  • Validate customer and locations against weighted risk factors
  • Tailor service agreement with pre-agreed solution sets
  • Close deals faster with pre-approved business case and solution sets
  • No need for lengthy and time consuming approval stages for each deal
  • Enhance the productivity of your sales teams, sell more, with more confidence about profitability

3 good reasons to onboard with XaitCPQ

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Maximize AfterMarket business revenue by transitioning to Performance Based Service Agreements. Secure long term, continuous revenue flows while increasing profitability and improving customer service.



Ensure that your pricing strategies match the value you are delivering as part of performance-based service agreements. Identify profit opportunities and improve your margins by improving the management of variables.


Must have

'Servitization’ and ‘Product as a Service’ strategies are essential in your industry for longer term success and survival. Using the right technology to boost competitiveness and become more agile, accurate and efficient in the delivery of solutions that your customers want to buy.


Adopting an approach to servitization can be challenging and arduous for many organizations. The right ecosystem is paramount. XaitCPQ has the expertise and technology solutions in place to help implement your strategy.



XaitCPQ is built around a powerful cost and risk calculation engine that encodes and automates 35 years of experience from the leading visionaries in the AfterMarket and Servitization world.

We provide complete use cases and many options to model the most complex service scenarios.


XaitCPQ is a powerful open computing engine that can be connected via API. Importantly it can be used with any existing architecture without needing to change legacy CRM or CPQ systems.

Of course our servitization pack is natively integrated with XaitCPQ which has particularly tight integration with both and Microsoft Dynamics.


XaitCPQ is easy and quick to onboard. We apply a systemized approach, with default benchmark data, based upon our many years of experience in this field. 

You can fine tune the business case parameters and pricing drivers while using the solution.

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