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How XaitCPQ can help the Medical Device Industry

XaitCPQ helps medical device manufacturers, partners and resellers efficiently configure, price, quote & deliver complex products and services.

We provide an easy to administer tool that removes complexity and automates the way your sales team chooses products, calculates visits, while protecting the organization against costly misquoted man days and critical non conformities that can hurt your ability to run your business.

  • Non-conformities are addressed by applying global guidelines for how our customers calculate the number of days for each standard.  We calculate these days for the main running standards, and allow permitted adjustments so the companies are always compliant and able to demonstrate how they calculated the days.  This removes the potential for too many / repeated non-conformities where they could lose their accredited status.

  • Accreditation is maintained by accurate calculations of assessment visits and justification of any deviations can be shown.  Users are guided through a process that ensure calculation of assessment visits / days is compliant with mandated rules to ensure any discounting of visits / days is compliant with mandated rules.  Rules and calculation are instantly applied to all locations including controlling location and sampling rules can be easily applied by any end users

  • Administration and maintenance is eased by using fewer part numbers as we auto generate relevant descriptions against the same part number.  Reporting is then enhanced as we auto-attach meta-data to these parts.  Maintenance can be easily conducted in-house, or out-sourced to us (we have acquired a lot of expertise in this area), and you will have the ability to add new standards / product lines quickly and easily all within one system.

What our customers think of XaitCPQ

Brain Maynard
"It’s definitely a lot more efficient for us to be able to view what we’re quoting against specific opportunities."

Brian Maynard,
perations Manager Sectra

"XaitCPQ has reduced the time taken to prepare quotations by more than 50%. We've virtually eliminated errors on entry "

Paul Tilbury,
Senior PM at Eurotherm

"Our business streams differ greatly in their need. XaitCPQ was the only solution able to demonstrate the flexibility we needed."

Stephen Cargill,
CIO at BSI Group

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