Powerful tools gives competitive advantage

XaitCPQ helps you configure prices, and make sure that they are accurate, and it’s easy to add customizations and discounts.


XaitCPQ for CRM and beyond

XaitCPQ will seamlessly integrate with our proposal solution XaitPorter, and the synergy of both solutions combined ultimately brings a competitive advantage. With built-in workflow, easy reuse of content and formatting, and the fact that XaitCPQ can be deployed seamlessly within the most popular CRM systems, enterprise organizations in all industries benefit where matters most... landing the deal.

Stand-alone format

XaitCPQ is available in stand-alone format. It incorporates straightforward CRM functionality, allowing deployment outside a formal CRM system.

Deployed seamlessly

XaitCPQ can be deployed seamlessly within the most popular CRM systems - such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.com.

Intelligent web pages

XaitCPQ enables intelligent web pages to be added to a site. To provide an intuitive and engaging configuration experience.

XaitCPQ for Salesforce

XaitCPQ for Salesforce uses native Salesforce.com objects such as Opportunity, Product & Price Book.

Custom objects

Our dedicated Salesforce.com CPQ app also incorporates custom objects. Objects that enable us to provide the powerful configuration and flexibility required to run complex rules and calculations.

Configuration screens

Our intuitive, easy to use configuration screens are available for both Classic and Lightning versions of Salesforce.com - to provide a seamless quoting experience for users.

Document creation tool

Also included is our document creation tool. This provides great-looking documents to be created from the configurations and embedded into the quoting process.

XaitCPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

XaitCPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 works seamlessly within the Dynamics' Quote screen.

Dedicated Microsoft CPQ app

Our dedicated Microsoft CPQ app incorporates custom objects. These custom objects enable us to provide the powerful configuration required for calculations across quotes of the largest scale.

Standard reporting module

All data can be accessed from the standard reporting module within Microsoft Dynamics. Workflows and approvals can be applied to quotes - to further enhance the process.

Word or PDF documents

Also included is our document creation tool that enables great looking documents (Word or PDF) to be created from the configurations and embedded into the quoting process.

XaitCPQ for Workbooks.com

Workbooks.com helps to manage engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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Manage complex pricing

Workbooks CPQ enables organisations to simplify and automate complex quotation processes, empowering sales teams to build quotations quickly and accurately, using a guided quotation process.

Create tailored quotation screens

Simplify and drive consistency across the quoting process, capturing key configuration questions and options. Guided selling allows you to move away from pricing catalogues, product codes and options.

Manage your pricing directly

Workbooks.com intergration supports the concept of different pricing books and pricing rules. These features allow you to support volume based pricing, bundle pricing, regional pricing, channel pricing etc.

XaitCPQ for Pipedrive

This integration to Pipedrive users by eliminating the time consuming manual processes.

Produce quotations in minutes

Quotations can now be produced in minutes instead of hours enabling significant time and cost savings to be achieved for salespeople and their customers.

Synchronize data with Pipedrive

Enable sales teams to access all quotations to qualify enquiries and efficiently manage the sales process through a single platform.

Accurate & professional quotations

Automatically generates accurate and professional quotations that always meet corporate branding and styling requirements.

Sales is hard. Quoting should be easy.

Say goodbye to complicated quoting processes or finding pricing on spreadsheets. With XaitCPQ built for your CRM system, you can quickly prepare quotes that look great and generate wins.