Helping You Decide

Our initial goal is to provide relevant information in a fast and convenient way, so that you can judge how closely we meet your business needs.


The 3 things we need to know to help you

First we seek to understand. You decide if we are right for you. No sales people wasting your time with trivial emails and follow up calls. Just helpful, knowledgeable specialists that really care about helping you. Understanding your needs and requirements means that we can quickly demonstrate relevant aspects of our application, and how they relate to your circumstance. You decide if we are the ones to help bring your vision to life.

1. Your business

If you have given us your email address and your Company web address, we will do the background work - before we engage with you. We will not waste your time and will let you know upfront if we feel we’re not a good fit for your business.

2. Problems you are looking to overcome.

A brief overview is fine. Share as much or as little as you wish. We may ask just a few questions to fine tune information.

3. How you would like to resolve these problems?

We will talk to you openly to understand your vision of what the ultimate solution might look like. Where appropriate we will share our experience and knowledge.

Then we show you how we can help

Each step is at a pace that you determine. You decide if you wish to progress to the next step. You determine the timetable and we will support you all the way.

We will design intuitive screens

Specific to your business that will work on any device

We can add rules and calculations

To ensure accuracy and compliance. No situation too complex

We implement fast and scale later

To reduce risk and maximize return on investment.

Friendly, helpful CPQ advice

No heavy sales or presentations. Just straight-forward honest advice from experienced CPQ consultants. We exist to help you achieve your CPQ goal. Let us help you drive your Enquiry-to-Order process to the next level.

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