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XaitPorter ‒ A Document Co-Authoring and Automation Solution for Bids & Proposals

Co-authoring complex documents can be challenging

XaitPorter document co-authoring bids & proposals

Working on a large project like a complex proposal or business critical document can be stressful, especially with many people involved.

XaitPorter co-authing delays duplicate work conflicting nformation

Problems when co-authoring include delays, duplicate work and conflicting information and may cause your team to lose your bids and proposals.

XaitPorter makes co-authoring easier…

XaitPorter edit sections with unique roles access rights

With XaitPorter you can create and edit documents with multiple sections, each with their own writer, reviewer, approver and individual deadlines.
XaitPorter also gives you the freedom to control access rights and share information. Your team can work on the same document simultaneously, leaving more time for quality control.

XaitPorter highest security content integrity

Reuse pre-approved content tailored to your documents, and by updating relevant metadata, dynamic text can easily be altered. The formatting, layout and numbering is automatic so you have more time to focus on what’s most important: Getting the content right. Export your document to PDF at any time, it’s always up-to-date.

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…and enables your team to create winning bids & proposals, faster.

XaitPorter automatic formatting deliver winning bids & proposals faster

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