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Xait to exhibit at the Norwegian Operators Conference (NOC2015)

Xait will be exhibiting at the Norwegian Operators Conference 2015 (NOC2015)

Every mid-November since 2003 leading NCS operating companies have presented themselves at the Norwegian Operators Conference. Over two days 15 large, medium sized and small oil companies, mostly represented with their CEO´s, will detail their business strategies. This is a unique opportunity to learn how the operators approach the future differently.

Less Jargon, More Understanding

I’m sure most of us have seen a proposal, email or any number of business documents that are so filled with jargon that they have either lost their core purpose or are so convoluted that they become completely useless. Jargon is defined by as:

“Language that is characterized by uncommon or pretentious vocabulary and convoluted syntax and is often vague in meaning”

Selling to an Informed Buyer

Selling to an Informed Buyer

“Mad Men” Sales Process

I was thinking of starting this blog off by saying something prophetic like “the sales landscape is changing” but in all actuality, the sales landscape has already changed and is constantly changing. In the old days, the salesman was in an education role where he would tell his prospective buyer all about how great his product was and how badly the buyer needed it. He would educate the buyer not only on what the product was but just how useful and essential the product is to the buyer’s life. Customizing the buying experience was not an essential part of the sales process either, most times the buyer was the one who had to customize themselves to the product. If any of you have watched “Mad Men” you probably have some idea of what I’m talking about.

Using Information to Engage

Using Information to Engage

You have all seen the proposal/presentation/report that is so stuffed with information that you don’t know where to look and just gloss over it because it is not presented in a way to engage the reader or grab their attention.

Information should be valuable to them, not you

How to Automate Your Business Processes

How to Automate Your Business Processes

Before we dive too deep lets talk about some of the benefits of automating your processes. If we boil down everything, you want to automate processes to increase your revenue/profits and cut expenses. This could be an increase sales, in knowledge, in leads, in conversion rates etc. Directly relating to increasing any number of the aforementioned metrics is decreasing the time it takes to complete those tasks. Simply put, the less time you spend accomplishing a given task, the more valuable that task becomes.

How do You Extract Insight from Information?

We can all admit that most of us are drowning in data and we have long moved passed the days of “data” being the end game. Today, we all have the “data” we could ever need and our endgame is now learning how to extract the information we want from that data. So how do you use the information you have to make meaningful and important business decisions?

Understand Your Data Sources

How do You Ensure Data Quality

How do You Ensure Data Quality?

Data quality is becoming a prime concern for companies of all sizes, not just the big boys who have traditionally always dealt with these issues. In today’s business environment everything a company does is tracked and measured, the sheer quantity of information available can quickly become overwhelming and at worst, forgotten about or even lost.

Our Data is Safe and Secure… Right?

When to Say Yes or No to an RFP

So an RFP (request for proposal) magically appears in your inbox. Our first reaction is usually “BINGO!”, we have a lead who has (some) budget and has most likely made the decision to purchase a product for their needs. As a company who prides its self on delivering a tool that makes the proposal writing and response process easier and more efficient, we will admit that we do have a bit of an edge over a traditional company who is not purposefully set up to respond to proposals. Although with that being said, there are times when we will read through a proposal and kindly reply with a politely worded “No thank you.” So what is the cut-off line between saying YES and dedicating time and resources, AKA money, and saying NO and moving onto the next?

Promo Video

The XaitPorter promotional video is now available.

The new promotional video explaining all the features and capabilities of XaitPorter is now available and can be viewed at Xait’s home page.
The aim of this video is to highlight the advantages of using XaitPorter for collaborative writing online.

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Follow Xait on Twitter

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