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Oil Crisis 2015?

Understanding the difference between a crisis and opportunity is all in the eye of the beholder. So how does one person see a crisis and the other person sees an opportunity? Well the person who sees crisis is only looking at what is directly in front of them while the person who sees the opportunity can not only see what is in front of them but they can see what is behind them and what is in the future. They also have the belief that every problem or challenge has a solution.

OTC 2013 |@XaitPorter

OTC 2013

Xait will be attending the Offshore Technology Conference, OTC 2013 6-9 May, in Houston, Texas.

OTC is the best event to gain technical knowledge covering all aspects of the energy industry.

The conference is taking place at Reliant Park in Houston.

Another great year for Xait at OTC!

Another great year for Xait at OTC!

The response at the OTC has just been phenomenal. What a great show for Xait! No matter what facet of the oil and gas business companies are in, they all seem to face the same challenges with proposals. The usual business hurdles for proposals are even more apparent when your company has offices worldwide. Large multi-page projects that require input from folks around the globe are exactly what XaitPorter was invented to help with!