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XaitPorter Case Study Husbanken Annual Report

Husbanken won Farmand Award for their Annual Report with XaitPorter

Who is Husbanken?

Husbanken is a directorate under the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization and is the Norwegian government’s most important agency for the implementation of the government’s housing and building policy. Through incentives such as housing support, loans, grants, competence building and knowledge development, they support the municipalities professionally and financially in their efforts to help disadvantaged groups into the housing market.

The annual report is the most essential document for reporting on the policy goals set for the business. It provides the overall picture of the business as a whole, both in publicity and in financial figures.

Husbanken is a directorate with many instruments and complex goals. The preparation of the annual report is a complex process, with many contributors at several levels.

Working with the annual report has been challenging, needing input from various divisions of the organization. Often, several sections of the document were worked on simultaneously, and the risk of error was high. Additionally, we were dependent on an external graphic design agency to get the content into the right layout, which is a challenge in the final stage of writing due to many minor adjustments

Andreas Fjelltoft – Senior Advisor, Husbanken

The Evolution of Document Creation & Collaboration

The Evolution of Document Creation and Collaboration

As we prepare to attend South by Southwest (SXSW) we begin to think about the evolution of document collaboration. How did XaitPorter come to be at the forefront of database driven document collaboration? Lets take a look back in time…