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Using the Correct Style & Tone in your Proposals

Using the Correct Style & Tone in your Proposals

How can you alter the style and tone of your documents to ensure you are aligned with your objective? Before we get too deep, lets first talk about the difference between style and tone. Style, according to Wheaton College, can be defined as “the way in which something is written, as opposed to the meaning of what is written.” This would include the type of document you are writing, the typeface, the font size, the use of graphics, the spacing of the margins, etc etc etc. Tone on the other hand refers to the attitude of what is being written or the impression you are trying to convey to your audience.

Xait is Going Green with APMP at the International Conference

Xait is proud to sponsor the 21st annual APMP International Conference in Orlando, Florida on June 1st-4th.  This year’s theme “Going Green, A Global Initiative” meshes perfectly with Xait’s philosophies:

Reduce The time it takes to write proposals

Reuse Content from bid to bid

Recycle Your Word Documents

Renew Teamwork and collaboration

Reform Your team’s proposal practices

Look for Xait’s booth at the conference and be sure to stop by to see a demo of XaitPorter!  We specialize in helping global companies collaborate and create winning proposals!

Creating World Class Proposals with Xait

Subsea Tieback2010 | @XaitPorter

Creating World Class Proposals with Xait.

Haven’t the Winter Olympics been spectacular? The concept of teamwork is such a big part of the Olympics. Even when you watch the so called “individual” sports like downhill skiing, the winners spoke and time again speak of their teammates and coaches as being the key to their success.