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UK National Health Services

The UK National Health Services uses XaitPorter to increase business

The UK National Health Services (NHS) is the world’s fifth largest employer, and is the world’s largest publicly funded health service. Compared to the healthcare systems of six other countries, the NHS was in 2010 rated as the best system in terms of efficiency, effective care and cost-related problems. It was also ranked second for patient equality and safety.

Xait is proud to work with a healthcare provider with such a focus on quality. And with XaitPorter, the NHS has been able to improve quality even further. The NHS produces an array of bids and internal documents, and in 2011 they realized that they could collaborate and create these documents even more efficiently. Implementing XaitPorter, they improved their document collaboration and creation processes. They were able to work faster and decrease costs. Furthermore, using XaitPorter allowed them to spend more time improving their services. As a result, they have seen great improvement in their offering, and increased business.

XaitPorter has made a real difference within our organisation. It makes it easier, faster and cheaper to collaborate and write documents for bids, consultations and internal policy.

David Plummer, Associate Director Business Development at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust