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Oil companies use XaitPorter to create their most business-critical documents

Kris Sæther

Chief Commercial Officer


XaitPorter is used by oil companies around the world to create license applications for acreage. In the UK, XaitPorter is the most commonly used solution for traditional licensing rounds, with great results. XaitPorter has also been used successfully for licensing rounds in Greenland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Ghana. 

In no country’s licensing rounds, however, is XaitPorter more popular than in Norway.

In Norway, all oil companies must apply for production licenses through licensing rounds. The Norwegian Government then awards acreage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to oil companies with the best technical application. 

Writing these applications involves a large, multi-disciplinary, cross-site team working together for a long period of time to produce a comprehensive document. Those involved are under enormous pressure to secure the source of their company’s future profits.


From late-nighters to full control

Due to the complexity of writing these applications, XaitPorter quickly established itself as the standard license application solution for oil companies. While teams still have a demanding writing schedule and work hard to meet their deadlines, XaitPorter has virtually eliminated late night work. 

Project managers can review work done in real time, and therefore have complete control of the process. And, the drafting department can create high-resolution and vector graphics, without the common challenges inherent with Word. Gone are the days of version tracking problems, files being locked or overwritten, and problems compiling multiple formats into one consistent document. 

And rather than spending days compiling the final document, and hiring a third party to create the layout, project managers can now click ‘print’ the night before deadline and get a finished, professional document that is consistent with branding guidelines.

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The standard solution for APA licensing round applications in Norway

XaitPorter was actually built with licensing round applications in mind, when Xait was hired to help BP improve their workflow and collaboration process to create better applications. 

There must be a better solution than Word!

Exploration Manager, BP Norway

BP requested an application that would make it easier for a team to work together on such a large document. BP used XaitPorter for their licensing round applications in 2001, which proved very successful. In fact, they were so successful that they paid for further development of XaitPorter.

At the end of 2003, Xait was finally able to sell XaitPorter commercially, and other oil companies in Norway were quick to sign on. Today, 17 years later, XaitPorter has become the standard tool to use for licensing round applications in Norway. When awards for the 28th Licensing Round were announced in May 2019, close to 100% of the operator licenses were awarded to XaitPorter clients.

And it’s no wonder that XaitPorter has become such a success in this vertical. Users agree that XaitPorter simply streamlines the process.

“We couldn’t have produced the number of license applications we did without XaitPorter.

Exploration Team Leader

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