Hydro uses XaitPorter to create award-winning annual reports

Norwegian company Hydro won the Farmand Award for the best annual report in Norway for three consecutive years, from 2007 to 2009. The Farmand Award is Norway’s most prestigious award for best annual report, and has been awarded every year since its establishment in 1955. This is the only time in the history of the award that a company has been named winner three years in a row. Xait is proud to say that XaitPorter was an important factor to their success.

Hydro used XaitPorter to produce the content for these award-winning reports, and there is no doubt that XaitPorter’s collaborative features allowed for efficient and effective teamwork. Creating an annual report is a complex process that involves a number of stakeholders, and vast amounts of information to compile and analyze.

XaitPorter gave us the time and possibility to create an outstanding annual report.

Hydro representative

XaitPorter gave everyone involved in the process complete visibility. They always had access to the latest version, and they could see the information being added by everyone else in real time. The control that XaitPorter provided is ultimately what gave Hydro an advantage over their competitors. With a smooth process in place, their time could be spent on what truly mattered; the content. It comes as no surprise then, that Hydro was praised for the report’s “exceptional depth”. The high quality of their analytical information was described as “extraordinary”. And for three consecutive years, the Farmand jury used words such as “phenomenal”, “impressive”, and “exceptionally good” to describe Hydro’s annual reports.