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Franklin Energy cut time spent on proposals in half using XaitPorter.

Silje Stensland

Marketing manager


Producing bids and proposals can be a challenging task with a lot of moving parts, and multiple contributors literally scattered across the globe. Producing a multi-million dollar bid with Word can be a tedious and difficult task. 

A somewhat complex bid may consist of multiple Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that are responsible for their part of the proposal, and you may reuse content whereas some should be tailored for the opportunity and some content should be the same across the enterprise. And, to manage this you really need a workflow engine that allows for the distribution of tasks and overview for project managers. 

Producing a bid or proposal in the "traditional" way using i.e. a combination of Sharepoint and Word, can lead to a serial document production that is not optimized, nor efficient. And to add another layer of complexity, you may need to reformat the complete document in accordance with your corporate branding guidelines. Also, when reusing content in Word, you may need to reformat the text and the images, well, the images are low-resolution that may not look very professional. 

Increase proposal efficiency

Our clients use XaitPorter to reduce proposal complexity. XaitPorter automation functionality can reduce costs, complexity and time to produce many of your bids. With a database driven solution, you can also ensure that certain content is updated at the same time across all of your live proposals from a central location. A database driven proposal solution such as XaitPorter, can provide you with pre-approved and tailored content automatically. This allows your users to accomplish more and with fewer resources. If you can optimize the use of information and leverage it automatically in proposals, you can also better manage risk, while working more efficiently. 

By automating part of your proposals process, this also provides more time to focus on the strategic parts of your bids and proposals.

By working in a parallel process as in XaitPorter, as opposed to a serial process as with Word, it also makes it easier for you to focus on the prospective client's needs. It is easier to get a red line thru your proposal, as you can see what other contributors have written - and reviewers and approvers can provide more timely feedback. This increases the chance of a better outcome that is compliant and responsive to your client's needs. 

Focus on what matters

Knowledge workers spend on average 3-4 hours each a week taking care of formatting, layout and numbering (Bridging the Productivity Gap). When co-authoring documents with a team of proposal writers, this time-waste can seriously impact your business. With XaitPorter you are able to automatically take care of your formatting, layout and numbering regardless if your document is 2 pages or 1000 pages in accordance with your corporate guidelines. This will also enable your proposal team to focus on what really matters - the content. And subsequently increasing your chances to win that all important-bid. 

Our mid-year ROI review confirmed we had achieved our goals by cutting time spent on proposals in half.

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