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Xait releases new version of the document collaboration software XaitPorter

Xait releases new version of the document collaboration software XaitPorter.

Xait is once again at the forefront of document collaboration, and is releasing a new version of their world leading software XaitPorter.

The new version will make it easier for customers to get started with XaitPorter, and will facilitate growth of the solution within each company. A new level of segregation provides an improved way of managing numerous departments, users and documents. This means that XaitPorter customers will have even better control of their document creation process. Administration of the solution is easier, and the search function is faster. In addition, users may insert endnotes as well as link XaitPorter to external data sources. Users will also have a new dashboard that gives an overview of projects, tasks and comments.

“We believe that this new release will be beneficial for both existing and new clients, enabling them to use XaitPorter in every area of their business, for any type of document”, says Arnt Jørund Andreassen, Xait’s CEO.

XaitPorter is already being used by some of the largest companies in the world, and Xait has experienced massive growth over the last few years. With this new version, they hope to grow at an even higher rate. And they hope that their customers will continue to experience a range of benefits when writing together.

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