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Xait CEO to speak at the 8th Annual European GRC Summit

Xait CEO, Owe Lie-Bjelland, will be speaking at the 8th Annual European Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark September 22-23. He will lead 2 sessions which are titled:



If you would like more information about the conference or Owe’s future speaking engagements please contact us here or follow us on twitter @XaitPorter for all the latest news and information.

The 8th annual European GRC Summit will provide the following insights.

  • A comprehensive GRC agenda you asked for;
  • Cross border subjects that oversight and stakeholders focus on;
  • Trade transverse, with knowledge sharing that makes GRC processes interesting;
  • Specialized program content with networking possibilities during the 2 pleasant days.

Therefore we recommend that you and your team attend our annual conference to understand and connect the regulatory, cultural and disciplinary actions to seamless Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, IT-Security and Accounting (GRC) processes. How to to address the GRC challenges by aligning and integrating relevant regulations, corporate policies to applicable GRC business issues.

The elaborate agenda is prepared based on the comments from global GRC officers to provide multiple implementation and monitoring solutions from a single source;

  • Provide updated knowledge on specific GRC components for operations oriented strategic and financial planning
  • 2 practical sessions on doing business in China, presented by Luka Lu, LLM and Signe Elbæk, Chief Global Compliance officer, Coloplast
  • Identify the security demands on processes on IT governance and compliance regulations.
  • Provide interesting solutions and best practices for analyzing big data to quality data
  • What are the tools and innovative approaches to applications and technologies to automate?

The focus of the annual conferences is to focus on issues that identify non-compliant processes and transactions in policies & processes for better governance and oversight. How can GRC teams effectively manage their individual responsibilities and exchange GRC evidence for effective enterprise-wide collaboration and prevent unethical behavior and misconduct.

During the 7 must attend parallel tracks we will create the corporate good governance DNA and GRC ecosystem for your businesses. Identify the errant processes & integrate, embed and link your GRC business processes together with people and technology:

  • Working Capital including behavioral finance, treasury and cash management. Facilitator Stefan D. Buch ex CFO MaerskLines
  • Global CSR Issues. Moderator Jeffrey Alvina, Microsoft
  • Bribery, Fraud and Corruption and Bribery Act Issues
  • Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime involving big data and cloud issues. Moderator Kim Aarenstrup, NC3 Head of National Cyber Crime Center
  • Financial regulation Program & EU Banking Union
  • E-Learning for personalized and engaging GRC content. Moderator Paula Davis, Director, Compliance Programme Operations
  • 2015 CFO Agenda including organisational and enterprise risk & performance management: Facilitator Jens Faarup

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