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Wellesley Redefining Document Collaboration With XaitPorter

We welcome our new client, Wellesley Petroleum

We are happy to announce Wellesley Petroleum as our latest XaitPorter client

About Wellesley Petroleum

Wellesley Petroleum is a newly established business focused on exploration in Norway. Through an investment agreement with Bluewater Energy and affiliates, Wellesley Petroleum have access to an equity line of up to $250 million. With a team of highly qualified and experienced oil finders Wellesley Petroleum is currently prequalifying to participate in exploration licences in Norway, aiming to access exploration projects through licensing rounds, farm-ins and acquisitions and actively seeking new venture opportunities.

Having used XaitPorter for a number of years, I was never in doubt that XaitPorter was the correct solution for Wellesley Petroleum, and our business critical documents. At Wellesley Petroleum we have tested and tried out different products in the marketplace to ensure that we chose the right solution for our documents with the perfect combination of benefits and value. And in the end, there was really only one choice for us at Wellesley Petroleum, XaitPorter by Xait.

XaitPorter offers a complete suite of tools; a collaborative workspace, workflow management, content management and fully integrated brand management. This combination is unique for the market and is a great advantage for our users, our management and of course our projects. Not only improving productivity, but also aligning our processes and brand values making sure the end result is always consistent to our high standards in this highly competitive marketplace. The team at Xait also understands our requirements, which is essential for us to succeed with leveraging, managing and maintaining our content.

– André Steenmark-Rødder – Data Manager at Wellesley Petroleum

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