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Origo Exploration Redefining Document Collaboration With Xaitporter

Origo Exploration signed with Xait

We are happy to announce Origo Exploration as our latest XaitPorter client

Origo Exploration (“Origo”) is a new North Sea Exploration & Production company focusing on the mature parts of the Norwegian and British continental shelf. Origo has solid investors backing them, BNRI, Riverstone and Temasek, who have reserved 525 mill USD in equity for Origo. The company was established in August 2014, and has passed 20 employees today, everyone with long term experience from the industry.

Origo is headquartered in Stavanger in the Tollboden building. Their license portfolio will mainly consist of buying shares of existing licenses and active participation in licensing round applications. Origo is planning to participate with an average of 5 exploratory wells per year.

“Based on previous experience, XaitPorter was the preferred choice for Origo Exploration when considering which collaboration tool to be utilized for internal– and external documentation, including UKCS and NCS licence round applications. XaitPorter has over time proven to be an efficient, time saving and safe collaboration tool and will be extensively used in our company”;- Svein Ilebekk CEO and founder Origo Exploration.

Origo co-founder and CEO Mr. Ilebekk has more than 30 years of industry experience.

Previous merits include: Founder and Exploration manager of Revus Energy (2003-2008). Founder and CEO of Agora Oil & Gas (2009-2012)

To learn more about Origo please visit the Origo Exploration website.

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