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Broadcast Australia Redefining Document Collaboration with XaitPorter

Broadcast Australia signed with Xait

We are happy to announce Broadcast Australia as our latest XaitPorter client

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Broadcast Australia owns and operates one of the most extensive terrestrial broadcast transmission networks in the world.  They manage transmission services for radio and television (analogue and digital) broadcasters and offer site sharing, co-hosting and infrastructure services to the telecommunications, emergency services and broadcasting industries.

After more than 70 years as a government owned and managed transmission network, the organization was acquired and re-branded as Broadcast Australia in 2002. The company continues to improve the range, reach and quality of the broadcasting services it provides to customers and communities across Australia. Their network covers over 620 transmission sites strategically located across Australia, facilitating their customers who need to transmit from metropolitan, regional and remote locations, delivering quality transmissions to millions of consumers throughout Australia every day. Broadcast Australia believes that Australians should be able to access TV, radio and telecommunications services wherever they are.

To learn more please visit the Broadcast Australia website.

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