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Silver to Husbanken’s annual report

Farmandprisen is an annual competition for annual reports, which was first organized in 1955. A jury evaluates how well different organizations’ annual reports communicate the company’s community assignments, results, framework conditions and visions.

“The best annual report in the class of public sector had a good reporting structure, and the very best also succeeded in communicating the social engagement in a clear and good way,” concluded the jury.

Norfund won gold in the class of public enterprise in front of Husbanken, while Norges bank got bronze. Other nominees in the class were Norges musikkhøgskole and Ruter.

A pilot project with Directorate for Management and ICT (Difi) and external partners

In cooperation with Difi, Husbanken used the Xait document management tool, XaitPorter, in the production process to test how the tool works for annual reports in public enterprises. Dinamo communication assisted in the work of the annual report, including developing a visual expression that differs from previous years.

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