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5 simple ways to create stunning tenders and proposals

Allow space between elements to ensure clarity

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when creating any selling document is clarity. Placing too much information on one page creates clutter and distracts the reader. Having enough space between elements also gives the impression that the document is easier to read and encourages the reader to read further.

Crisp and clear formatting

Choose font types that are easy to read.  If the font is hard on the eyes, the read will most likely lose interest.  Make sure to choose font sizes that can be easily read from a comfortable distance just as if the reader were reading the document on screen. It is important that the reader feels at ease when reading the document.

Colors to highlight important text

Use color with caution and only for important elements that need to be emphasized.  Remember to use colors that are dark enough to ensure that the text will be visible when printed as black & white or grayscale.  If your company has corporate guidelines regarding color schemes, learn them and use them.   This will keep your company’s corporate branding consistent throughout all documents.

Margin settings that allow documents to be printed on various printers

Often we are tempted to set minimal margin space to allow more content to be placed on a page.  However keep in mind that if you are not printing the proposal yourself, the document must have margin settings that are supported by any printer.

Attractive and clear graphics

Typically readers will look for sections that are more interesting than regular text. For this reason, it is important that your photos, illustrations and diagrams be just as clear and clean as your text elements. Use graphics to create diversity and place them strategically throughout the document to keep the reader interested. If you use text within graphics, make sure it is legible and preferably the same size as the text used elsewhere in your document. You should also be mindful of your graphic color schemes and make sure they tie in with the theme of your business proposals.

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