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St@nd by your Brand©®™

St@nd by your Brand©®™

Social media is changing the way we do business today. Sales has seen a huge shift the last 6 years, from doing extensive cold calling, sales people are spending more and more time crawling social media platforms.

Why social media? By engaging on Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook companies are reaching new audiences, increasing exposure, traffic and leads for their services and products.

In a study by the Social Media Examiner 92% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. (Social Media Examiner End of Year report 2014)

So clearly there is an importance in this new shift in sales and marketing approach. In all companies you always have trailblazers who are following the latest trends, actively trying to promote the message of the company. In the end a few people actively pursuing social media in your company isn`t going to cut it. You need to work as a team, engaging everyone in all departments. The average person in the US reaches 350 people through their Facebook account. With 10 employees liking a post, that gives you a potential reach of 3500 prospects. The importance of getting your entire team behind your brand is inherent. All employees should actively promote their company and brand. If you cannot click “Like” or “Retweet” on a post about the company you work for, are you working at the right company?

The companies who excel in the social media platform are the companies who have implemented social media corporate strategies. Defining clear goals, targeting their audience and getting everyone involved.

Regardless if you are working in an enterprise or a SMB widespread social media engagement is crucial for the continued success of your sales and marketing strategy.

Please St@nd by your #Brand; feel pride about being a part of your company.

Feel free to Like, Pin, Favorite, Retweet and + this post, maybe it could mean the difference for your next sale.

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