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Merry Christermas!

Twas the night before closing

Merry Christermas!

Twas The Night Before Closing 

by the Traveling Salesman

So we are here; the end of the year…
When shops and main streets are packed with bustling people,
while office buildings are snowed in,
only left with the salespeople.

As budgets get nearer, salespeople get weirder.
Their offers quite generous and often times quite adventurous.
Remember this; Christmas time for a salesperson, it is really quite strenuous.

They call us the business development managers,
but this time of year we are really the challengers.
We try to get your focus amidst all of your shopping,
just add one more thing to your list,
a bunch of XaitPorter licenses for your fireplace stockings.

So as you go to bed on Christmas eve, in the back of your head you might hear…
A business development manager threading lightly down your stairs.
Eating your peanuts, and drinking your whiskey,
almost like Santa only slightly more risky.

As you wake on Christmas Morning, you run down the stairs.
But where are the presents, and where is the Christmas beer?
All that you see is a nice green big box, with an X on its top.
Inside is a contract, fresh, crisp and with quote.

As you hold your pen, a spark and an inkling, a feeling of joy,
XaitPorter for Christmas, optimized for your business.
Now collaborate! No formatting, no layout, no stressing.
Finally; the business development manager can begin resting.

I Wish You All A Merry Good Christmas And A Happy New Year! 

Dedicated to all my “Xaiting” clients, partners, prospects and colleagues. And of course to my very understanding family – from Christer the traveling salesman

This blog was loosely inspired by the classic Christmas Poem “Twas the night before Christmas” written in 1822 by Clement Moore.
Read the original here: Twas the night before Christmas

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