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Life in the Lounge Lane

Life in the Lounge Lane

Working in sales in a company that operates on a global scale takes me to a lot of exciting and new places. But as I discussed in one of my previous posts, traveling can become quite cumbersome if you don’t take care.

As time goes by you start adapting to certain habits, habits that become needs.

As a student i spent several years abroad, and of course felt first hand the pains of traveling long-haul from Norway to Australia, with several connecting flights and long lay-overs. Everyone knows that sitting in airports isn’t the most exciting thing, in fact according to Environmental Psychologist Robert Sommer: airports are “socially destructive buildings” constructed to “inhibit social interaction”.
You can imagine my surprise when I started gaining access to fast-tracks and business lounges. Going from endless lines, high-cost fast-food and crowded waiting areas, to a serene oasis of sophisticated fine dining, quiet and relaxation. This was a completely different approach to travel and the airport experience. Welcome to Life in the Lounge Lane!

To learn more about Robert Sommer and his insights on social design and airports check out this article: Robert Sommer plays with Airports (PDF)

In the lounge, not only can you get things done in terms of having available work areas (Using XaitPorter as your main tool of course). You can also use the lounge as a meeting ground for networking. In my opinion this aspect of the lounge has been far underutilized. Some lounges have however started to implement programs to tackle this head-on. At Paris Orly they have implemented an App where the business travelers can notify their presence and interest in meeting with new people to see if there are any new business opportunities.
Check out this link to learn more: Paris Orly – Networking in a digital lounge

Of course the lounge is also a good place for relaxation and rest. And the range of service and quality is as large as the range of lounges themselves. But the pleasure of having a glass of wine or a cold beer after a busy day of travel can never be underestimated.

I want to hear your best lounge tips and experiences. Which lounges shouldn`t be missed and which ones should be avoided?


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