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European Vacation 2 Back in the Saddle

European Vacation 2 Back in the Saddle

Soooo…. It´s good to be back in the saddle again.

Summer vacation is over and it´s back to the old ABC´s. Kind of feels like I’ve just been through “European Vacation 2 Back in the Saddle”.

Now don´t get me wrong, I like recharging my batteries and spending some quality time with the wife and kids, but vacation is hard work. For someone in sales you never really take vacation. You are always available, checking your email to see if there is any good news. It doesn`t matter if the Wi-Fi is antiquated and you wait for 2 hours for the email to update, it`s so addictive. And secretly you’re always keeping an eye out for new prospects, even though you are in the smallest town in the middle of rural France. You never know if the local mechanic or butcher might be interested right? You see, once you have felt the intoxicating rush of a large successful deal, you are sold; on a personal level.


So let me tell you about vacations. In Norway we get 5 weeks of vacation, seems like a lot yeah? Personally I think I had around 1 hour and 30 minutes of real vacation this summer holiday, enjoying a cold pint at a rock concert in a small town in Belgium. The rest of my weeks were spent driving, listening to arguments from the backseat about who`s one what side of the seat and queueing at *Insert Amusement Park Sponsor Here*. Don`t get the wrong impression we’re not like the Griswold’s, and we did not relive the events of European Vacation.

Obviously we had some good times as well. Most of it was nice to be fair, BUT it is nice to settle down back behind the desk after some busy weeks of holiday. Well settle down might be overstating it. Getting ready for a busy second half of the year is more like it. When I come back from vacation I don`t have a full mailbox, as a sales person I am prone to checking it all year around. That doesn`t mean that there isn´t a lot of things that needs getting done when I am back. With a busy schedule of conferences in Switzerland, Aberdeen, London and Stavanger. That all need to be prepared and dealt with on a detailed level. Negotiating deals for marketing products. Planning a new large scale client event. As well as numerous client meetings in and outside of the country, I have my work cut out for me. But do you know what? It doesn`t matter.

Because I am a travelling salesman, and I love what I do. How many people can say that?

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