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Kris Sæther

Chief Commercial Officer


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Who is Odfjell Drilling?

Odfjell Drilling is an international drilling, well service and engineering company with more than 2,500 employees. The company is present in several regions worldwide, supporting a client base primarily consisting of major oil and gas companies.

With more than 45 years of industry experience, the company has established expertise in the operation of ultra-deep water and harsh-environment mobile offshore units in both Norwegian waters and internationally. In addition, Odfjell Drilling has built a position as a major supplier of personnel for drilling operations and maintenance on fixed and floating production platforms in the North Sea.


The challenge: Barriers to efficient collaboration

Odfjell Well Services (OWS) is a division of Odfjell Drilling, providing an integrated service portfolio to E&P clients, including drill tool rental, tubular rental, wellbore cleanup, fishing, casing drilling, and tubular running services. 

Due to the global increase in activity, OWS saw rapid business growth over the past decade. Managing the increasing number of large bids and tenders became increasingly challenging. 

Gjertrud Godhavn Boge, Communications Advisor at Odfjell Drilling, elaborates:

– Having cross-site teams trying to collaborate efficiently on tender production using file-based solutions was a time-consuming and strenuous task, tying up people for weeks on end. 

Eventually, Odfjell had had enough of struggling with their tenders and other business-critical documents.

– Creating business documents can’t be allowed to eat into people’s day-to-day operational tasks. We realized we needed a solution that would prevent employees from getting bogged down in a myriad of administrative tender production tasks.


There are so many highly qualified people working in our company, producing high-quality documents. Having a best-in-class collaboration solution backing the best people in the industry is vital to be able to deliver the best service and standards for our clients.

The solution: The collaboration platform XaitPorter

Download the case study as a PDF and read more about how XaitPorter has enabled Odfjell Drilling to overcome their challenges.

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