MI Gulf Services

XaitPorter brings a more professional and intuitive proposal based upon its clients’ requirements

Tore Medhaug

Business Development Manager


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Who are MI Gulf Services?

MI Gulf Services are an Oilfield Service Company providing Drilling & Completion Fluids, Engineering Services, Liquid Mud Plants, Solids Control and Waste Management services throughout the Middle East region. 

Headquartered in the Oilfields Supply Center Ltd Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, MI Gulf Services were established to supply Drilling Fluids and Engineering services to customers in Oman and the United Arab Emirates. The company has since expanded to encompass a number of other countries, and provides both fluids and solids control services throughout the Middle East also, whilst supplying products to operations in both Africa and Asia from their logistics hub in Dubai. 


The challenge: Consolidating the final document

As is the case for most modern-day companies in the oil and gas industry, document creation is an integral part of MI Gulf Services’ operations. The company prepares highly complex, high-value business and engineering documents that contain a wide variety of content from across the enterprise, with multiple contributors being part of the authoring process.

Like so many other companies, MI Gulf Services were looking for a more efficient way to create documents. The main challenge they faced was the consolidation of the final documents with input from several different sources and various software packages, as part of the complexity of their business as well as standardization of formatting. 

Rod Jones, Managing Director at MI Gulf Services, explains:

Being able to follow up the changes and updates as well as making sure that the format was being kept while it was updated represented a significant challenge, as well as to track who updated which part of the document. Being able to review and approve in an efficient way while maintaining the highest level of quality was very time-consuming." Rod Jones

As stated on their website, a key part of MI Gulf Services’ mission is to create and provide innovative solutions with a focus on excellence and cost-effectiveness, as well as to provide their customers with fit-for-purpose solutions to their challenges. Adopting an innovative, best-of-class co-authoring solution to solve their own document production challenges was a logical next step in this regard.


The solution: Co-authoring in XaitPorter

Download the case study as a PDF and read about how XaitPorter has helped MI Gulf Services achieve a significant increase in tender and proposal submissions:


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