XaitPorter enables Soiltech to complete complex tender documents without having to use extensive resources

Tore Medhaug

Business Development Manager


Who is Soiltech?

Soiltech is an oil service technology company offering a full range of drilling waste management services. The company delivers cost-effective and environmentally-friendly cuttings and slop treatment systems for the international offshore oil and gas industry.

Through their operations, research and engineering, Soiltech is continuously developing new products, services and solutions that optimize performance and reduce cost.


The challenge: Word

Like (too) many organizations, Soiltech found themselves at the mercy of Word and file sharing each time they were producing a business-critical document. And as we have seen (too) many real-world examples of, this was a recipe for chaos. 

Glenn Åsland, VP of Sales & Operations for Norway and Middle East, explains:

– The old-school way of creating complex business documents, using Word and Excel, made it very hard to stay in control all the way through. Who’s working on the latest version? How much work is left? Completing complex documents was just too difficult, and we couldn’t go on like that.


The solution: Software that makes proposals great again

The primary purpose of using enterprise collaboration and co-authoring software is to make complex documents simpler. Wasting time battling numbering, formatting and layout doesn’t win business.

Soiltech needed a software solution that could take the complexity out of their document creation and management process, and bring back control.

– When we started looking for the right vendor to fit our needs, we had two main requirements: 1) The software must help us complete proposals quicker and more consistently, and 2) It must be easy to use.

Xait met both criteria.

– We seized the opportunity right away.


Results: Proposals in half the time with double the impact

At Xait, we dare to say that all our clients experience a certain ‘before and after moment’ when they adopt XaitPorter. Soiltech was no exception.

– XaitPorter transformed our day-to-day work life. Producing bids and proposals became so much easier, Åsland says. 
– I really love being able to work on a proposal or in a survey at my office here in Norway, and at the same time one of my offshore supervisors is working on the same document out in the North Sea or across the globe in Abu Dhabi.

Åsland continues:

– Everything is automatically saved along the way, and everyone knows exactly what has been completed at any given time. Bottom line: XaitPorter has given us complete control, from start to finish.

How do they use XaitPorter?

– We use XaitPorter in the following three areas of business: Proposals, survey & offshore and technical information, Åsland says. – Let’s say we’re managing an ongoing project, and we want to review our practices and procedures for completing a three-month rig job, from A to Z. Then we use XaitPorter every step of the way. 

Are they happy with the support Xait provides?

– Absolutely. We started off with a pilot, where we worked on integrating XaitPorter into our model. Xait helped us make a few local adaptations, and it has worked like a charm.


“Both national and international clients often remark that our bids and proposals are arguably the best, most well-structured in the industry.”

– Glenn Åsland, VP Sales & Operations – Norway and Middle East


The advantages of a content library 

High-quality proposal software supports the ability to use a content library. This allows businesses to easily reuse pre-approved and vetted content across multiple documents. 

XaitPorter has allowed Soiltech to develop a comprehensive content library, where they can easily search for content as well as use “linked” sections, which are pieces of content that are constantly reused and remain the same.

Åsland doesn’t hesitate when asked about the benefits.

The ability to select pre-used texts, charts and images and reuse them in new documents is an extreme time saver, boosting our productivity. Plus, it ensures a consistent output and gives us full control over how many times each content asset has been used.


Xaiting client feedback

In this current marketplace, concise, professional-looking tender documents are key to winning new business. For Soiltech, getting their document creation and management process on the right track has not only removed inefficiencies and improved productivity, but it has also made a splash with their clients. 

Åsland proudly states:

– Both national and international clients often remark that our bids and proposals are arguably the best, most well-structured in the industry. 

Although Soiltech’s proposals don’t win the business every time, it’s safe to say they have won the hearts and minds of their prospects.   

The VP of Sales & Operations sums it up:

– XaitPorter is fantastic.

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Both national and international clients often remark that our bids and proposals are arguably the best, most well-structured in the industry.