Word got replaced by XaitProposal allowing the team to easily locate content, deliver higher quality proposals, and meet deadlines.

Amo Chauhan

Business Development Manager, XaitProposal (London)


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Who is ETF?

ETF is the railway subsidiary of Eurovia (VINCI Group). As part of VINCI Construction, ETF designs, builds and maintains the national, private or urban railway networks on a daily basis.

ETF’s mission is to develop safe and rapid rail mobility for people and regions. The company brings proximity and expertise together to position themselves as a 360º partner in rail transport projects.

ETF has expertise in the areas of design, construction, maintenance and service, enabling it to be involved at each phase of projects and make complete and inclusive proposals to its clients.

Challenges: Meet deadlines + Locate and Reuse content

ETF uses an internal digital tools platform (called E cube) to prepare their bids, particularly for the costing part. However, as the platform does not offer tools for writing briefs, they mostly wrote their bids using Word.

ETF had a template that they tried to follow as best they could. In their Grands Travaux agency, the range of work is very wide. There are never two identical technical briefs, they can't use a ready-made framework, and they have different methodologies from one project to another with substantial deliverables (on average 400 pages in total).

Emmanuel Mange, head of the Major Projects National Railway Network agency at ETF, provides more information:

“When we had a proposal to write, we had to look for existing content in such and such a file. We had to have knowledge of the old files to know where to look! The deadline for writing the deliverables was therefore one of the sensitive issues in our organization, with occasional “hot flashes” when the response deadlines granted by the principals were short.”

Mange and his team had tried creating content libraries, but had not been able to automate them. It was difficult to sort out the content from a 1000-page template. After receiving negative feedback from new clients, they decided something had to be done.

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitProposal helped ETF solve these challenges.

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