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IKM reported an increase in quality and efficiency on their tender creation.

Kristian Lie-Bjelland

Key Account Manager


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Who is IKM?

Producing bids and proposals can be a challenging task with a lot of moving parts, and multiple contributors literally scattered across the globe. Producing a multi-million dollar bid with Word can be a tedious and difficult task. 

IKM Ocean Design & IKM Subsea are two subsidiaries of the IKM Group.. IKM Ocean Design is the leading Norwegian company within development and design of subsea fields. The company has personnel located in Trondheim, Stavanger and Oslo, and work on some of the largest most complex projects in the North Sea.

IKM Subsea is an innovative ROV operator with their own technologically advanced Merlin work class ROV technology. IKM Subsea is present in Singapore, Malaysia, Aberdeen and Headquartered in Bryne Norway.

With both subsidiaries looking at a situation with multiple locations, some of which international, and a prospect of working closer together on common projects, they were looking for a solution to improve their tendering process. Therefore they decided to trial XaitPorter. Their pilot program started in September 2014. The pilot allowed them to make a decision based on a 3 month test of XaitPorter within the departments on actual tenders.

Based on the initial dialogue with the IKM subsidiaries, we identified some challenge areas. This allowed us to pinpoint some key focus areas based on the challenges they were facing working in a serial process with word.

Piloting success in a tough market

Divisions using XaitPorter: IKM Ocean Design
IKM Subsea
To learn more about IKM Group visit:
www.ikm.com To learn more about XaitPorter visit the Xait website.

Key focus areas:
  • Enforce a parallel work process to reduce time spent on tendering.
  • Enable the teams to collaborate more efficiently between the different office locations.
  • Improve branding consistency of the tenders.
  • Increase the productivity in the tendering teams.
  • Make it easier for bid managers to manage and organize the tender schedules.
  • Enable the two organizations to collaborate on larger projects.
Great feedback from pilot

Feedback from the Pilot period was very good. Both IKM subsidiaries reported an increase in quality and efficiency on their tender creation.

Toward the end of 2014 the markets started feeling the pressure of the sinking oil prices and less work on the horizon. However, both IKM groups decided to push forward from the pilot.

Toughest competitive marketplaces in the world

To be able to compete in what has to be one of the toughest competitive marketplaces in the world, we need to be innovative in all our endeavours, both subsea and in the office

Business Development Manager Hans Fjellanger at IKM Subsea

The usage of XaitPorter has spread outside of tendering and is now even used for product sheets and studies. The fact that they now can compete in several parallel tenders utilizing the power of the database, puts them at the head of the class. Without having to do double the work.

As of March 2015 IKM Ocean Design & IKM Subsea have won several large contracts between the two subsidiaries of IKM Group.

XaitPorter has proven itself as a good ROI for IKM Group.

XaitPorter a wise investment in a tough market

XaitPorter has been a wise investment in a tough market.

CEO Peder Hoås, IKM Ocean Design
Great success with XaitPorter

The people haven`t changed, and the content hasn’t changed, but the consistency, productivity and focus has. That is why we have such a great success with XaitPorter