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Howe Green

Howe Green needed a system that had flexibility to be changed and modified by their team. They choose XaitCPQ because it could evolve in real time with their range of products.

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Who is Howe Green?

Howe Green is a leading manufacturer of fabricated metal access covers which are designed to provide easy and safe access to concealed services. The floor access covers, wall access panels, ceiling access panels, linear drainage and architectural metalwork they manufacture, are used in some of the most prestigious buildings in the world.

The challenge: automation & speed

Howe Green needed a system that had flexibility to be changed and modified by their team. The XaitCPQ solution had to evolve in real time with their range of products.

XaitCPQ  was asked to provide a solution that would:

  • Be optimised for minimal disruption
  • Have the flexibility to adapt
  • Generate cost savings
  • Provide control and consistency
  • Be easy to use
  • Provide a product configurator

We needed something with flexibility so that we could change it quickly. XaitCPQ is very quick. Some items that I need to change I can do in ten minutes.

- Peter Centa, Managing Director

The solution: XaitCPQ helps to quickly create accurate quotations

Before XaitCPQ unwieldy spreadsheets formed the basis of calculations for large quotes. In most cases, a previous job, similar to the latest quotation requirement, would be copied and reworked for the new specification. The duplication and inconsistencies caused by the use of outdated product information from historical spreadsheets often caused errors.
With the global control of a XaitCPQ engine, Howe Green can calculate every quote from scratch in a fraction of the time, whilst ensuring consistency for every client, using the most up to date product data.

Product configurator

Implementing the product configurator transformed quoting for the team at Howe Green. Staff can now price any product correctly without the use of cumbersome spreadsheets. With XaitCPQ, quotes are created quickly, and subsequent amendments take significantly less time. The team can operate with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the system logically prevents errors in calculation.

Flexibility to adapt

Moving to XaitCPQ from an entirely bespoke software system, that was fully managed by an external company, was a transformation. It increased the speed of new product releases and updates to the range. The flexibility to adapt empowered the company to react faster to changes in the market.

When we started off they walked us through every stage. Kevin was very good. We received as much support as we needed in the early stages and were up and running as quick as we’d hoped we would be"
- Peter Centa, Managing Director Howe Green

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Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitCPQ helped Howe Green overcome these challenges.

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