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XaitCPQ enables Hagie sales representatives to access in-depth product information in real-time

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Who is Hagie?

Hagie Manufacturing, is a leader in the agricultural industry in providing crop protection solutions to customers in the form of high clearance sprayers. Delivering higher clearance, higher yields and higher expectations for their customers.

The challenge: automation & speed


Hagie needed a way to configure data that would integrate seamlessly with their Salesforce CRM platform and store all their quote data in one place. It needed to be easy to use, flexible and efficient, allowing them to modify the functionality as their business evolved.

XaitCPQ  was asked to provide a solution that would include:

  • Salesforce integration
  • Calculation engine
  • User-friendly solution
  • Quick & accurate quotations
  • Product-specific information

Above all else, XaitCPQ seamless integration with Salesforce was of greatest value to our team. It saves time and makes life easier for us”

 - Dawn Hunt at Hagie

The solution: The collaboration platform XaitCPQ helps to secure more orders

The speed at which Hagie can produce detailed, professional-looking quotations has added another level of integrity to this trusted family business. XaitCPQ has not only increased efficiency, but it has also allowed for improved accuracy by eliminating the risk of human error. The result is increased
confidence for the whole team.
Deploying the XaitCPQ solution has enabled Hagie to provide detailed information on their versatile product line and present the capabilities of their equipment in a customer-specific way —rather than a “one size fits all” proposal. Importantly, all updates and changes are completed in-house, making Hagie self-sufficient.

Automated Expertise

The engineering expertise needed for the specification of farm machinery is very in-depth. However, with XaitCPQ, vital technical insight and expert knowledge has been captured and is applied automatically on-demand, allowing instant access anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the XaitCPQ system, sales representatives can access in-depth product information in real-time. This provides greater confidence, better business conversations, and the ability to help customers without any outside assistance or delays, making for a happy team with happy customers.

Complete control


We now have complete control over our CPQ system and can change the functionality ourselves in just minutes - with the security of the experts at XaitCPQ on call if we need them.”

 - Dawn Hunt at Hagie


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