Fretex – by the Norwegian Salvation Army

XaitPorter gives Fretex back complete visibility and control

Silje Stensland

Marketing manager


By eliminating bottlenecks and inefficient processes, XaitPorter enables Fretex to focus on the winning aspects of their proposals.


Who is Fretex?

Established in 1905, Fretex is a social enterprise, fully owned by the Norwegian Salvation Army. Their mission statement is to contribute to giving people job opportunities and to improve the environment through reuse and recycling. 

Fretex is the largest vocational rehabilitation company in Norway. Every year, more than 6,000 people take part in their various vocational rehabilitation programs. 


The challenge: File sharing (and chaos)

In the course of a year, Fretex creates and submits a number of large proposals. In the past, they used Word for this, sharing files among themselves. According to Lars Sandvik, Public Procurements Consultant, this check-in and check-out way of working together was time-consuming and frustrating. 


– Several contributors writing on different parts of the document typically resulted in the last updated version being called for instance ‘Lars_07_chapter 6.3.2’. Often, as the deadline crept closer, we were struggling to keep track of the various content elements and versions. It ended up being a very disorganized process, wasting us time.


The importance of data security 

Proposals often contain confidential or sensitive company or customer information that needs to be kept away from market competitors. Sharing business-critical data via files poses a security risk. What happens if sensitive information lands in the wrong hands, ie. the competition?

Furthermore, managing security rights and access can be quite a challenge when subject matter experts are involved. 

These became bigger and bigger issues for Fretex back in their “Word days”.


Sandvik explains:

– When we needed contributions from SMEs outside of our proposal team or organization, we wanted to be able to grant access-based user rights, so that we could involve contributors and give them access to specific parts of the document. This was not possible with Word.


The solution: XaitPorter

Having used Word and email for their proposals in the first few years after vocational rehabilitation programs became subject to competitive tendering and contracting (CTC), Fretex realized they needed to up their game in order to win more business. 

As a part of optimizing their proposal creation process, they started looking at various co-authoring document solutions in the market. Much to our delight, they decided to go with XaitPorter. 


What has been their most important gain so far?

– Above all, using XaitPorter has given us back complete control over the process of writing large and complex proposals. What was rather chaotic before, is now streamlined. 


Sandvik continues:

– Having everyone co-authoring in a live master document that is always updated allows everyone involved to have complete visibility over what changes are being made at any given time. Quite frankly, there’s less of a mess!


We hear you, Lars! 


– Let’s say a section or subsection is updated or changed, for instance due to any locally specific information that needs to be implemented. Then the revisions are included across all of the documents that are in production. Does this save us time and make our life easier? You bet it does.


Deadline control on the go

When writing proposals and similar high-stakes business documents, meeting deadlines is of paramount importance. The ability to work in real time on a document from anywhere, at any time, is what sets a cloud-based solution like XaitPorter apart from other (purported) co-authoring and collaboration solutions.  


Sandvik recalls a Sunday evening a few weeks back:

– Sitting in the back seat of our car on the way home from a mountain trip, I put the finishing touches on a proposal that was due the next morning. This is one of the reasons why XaitPorter makes proposal teams more efficient: If you have Internet access and a mobile device, you can get work done. 


Sandvik concludes:

– Xait promised us a 100% reliable and secure solution that would speed up our proposal production, and that’s exactly what they delivered.

Moral of the story: File sharing is bad

Fretex’ struggle with Word runs like a river through what (too) many organizations have to deal with in their proposal creation. 

This is our message, and we’re sticking to it: File-driven solutions are not meant for co-authoring! Time and time again, we see that file sharing leads to expensive mistakes, and – worse, even – wasted business opportunities. 

The traditional serial document creation process is slow and time-consuming. To beat your competitors, you need to be smart and agile!

You need a different, more strategic and secure approach to writing your proposals.


Like Fretex, you need a database-driven proposal solution.


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Xait promised us a 100% reliable and secure solution that would speed up our proposal production, and that’s exactly what they delivered.