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XaitPorter enables ExploCrowd’s explorationists to unlock their potential and create value for themselves, their clients, and society.

Kris Sæther

Chief Commercial Officer


ExploCrowd is an independent exploration company set out to challenge the way we currently explore for oil and gas in Norway. 

Together with their strategic collaboration partners, ExploCrowd is creating a catalog of peer-reviewed ready-to-drill prospects to be available to oil companies. The oil and gas prospects can suit any exploration strategy, enabling exploration managers to deliver on their ambitious goals.


The challenge: Documenting studies through voluminous reports 

As discussed in a recent Upstream article, exploration on the Norwegian Continental Shelf has been disappointing in finding new discoveries for new standalone developments. The market turmoil, compounded by the COVID-19 outbreak, has left the industry reeling. 

Amidst these disruptions and challenging times, explorationists are facing pressures from all sides. Being exhausted, rushing from task to task and meeting to meeting, is detrimental to creativity and motivation. 

ExploCrowd founder, Sidsel Lindsø, wanted to create an optimal, disturbance-free workspace for explorationists, enabling creativity, innovation, competence and knowledge building – unhampered by the structural, strategic and economic limitations that typically exist in large oil companies.

So she started on a quest with a vision to build an efficient science and technology-based unlimited organization, with a network structure and underpinned by modern collaboration technology. 

Today, ExploCrowd actively collaborates across disciplines and together with clients, to continuously integrate knowledge and new observations. 


Lindsø elaborates:

– We’re mapping the entire Norwegian Continental Shelf, once and for all. This undertaking requires robust documentation, presented to our clients in the form of highly complex reports documenting our Integrated Regional Studies in detail. Ensuring the quality of these 400+ page reports is vital, as exploration is all about confidence. In my view, standard file-based content management solutions simply aren’t up to the task.


The solution: The collaboration platform XaitPorter

In her days working with oil companies, Lindsø was using XaitPorter for APA licensing round applications and other business-critical documents. When she founded ExploCrowd, she flatly refused to go back to file-based content management tools. Thus, XaitPorter was an absolute must-have from day one, a prerequisite to integrating knowledge, enabling smooth collaboration, and ensuring top-notch quality in client deliveries.  


Lindsø continues:

– We’ve had 15 geoscientists located all over the world working together on several 200- to 400-page reports, and since XaitPorter is built on a database, it ensures data management, quality, and security. It’s one of our core solutions for documenting work done in reports with high-quality drafting of maps, comprehensive geoseismic sections and other figures.


How are they using XaitPorter?

Successful exploration is all about streamlined and integrated teamwork. The way ExploCrowd works is unique in that they are an agile organization optimized to release the explorationists’ potential and facilitate innovative work from industry experts, young talents, and strategic collaboration partners.

With many contributors based in other parts of the country and across the globe, ExploCrowd is dependent on having a platform that allows them to integrate the knowledge of their dispersed teams. This is where XaitPorter enters the fold.

– Our virtual teams need to be able to deliver together and meet deadlines while maintaining high quality and scientific integrity, Lindsø says. 

– XaitPorter is integral in documenting this process. The solution enables us to let our people get to work freely on their ideas, to interact, connect the dots and develop their conceptual understanding. 

Transparency is one of ExploCrowd’s core values, reflected in the way they document their science. It is also reflected in their day-to-day work, where all information is shared with the team. Through online meetings and joint documents where everyone has access to what is being done, they discuss ideas and scientific challenges. Every team member develops a to-do list that they go out and complete. Then they get back together, share the new information, find solutions, and more challenges to be solved. 

Using XaitPorter, each team member is responsible for creating their own section, in alignment with the other parts of the report documents. The team then reads through each coworker’s section, making sure everything is consistent. XaitPorter enables information to be shared seamlessly, unlocking everyone’s potential, and empowering them to work toward their common goal. 


Collaborating in XaitPorter allows us to select from a wide range of ideas, use different opinions to navigate the best course, and make the best decisions

Sidsel Lindsø, Founder of ExploCrowd

Results: Better collaboration, knowledge sharing, and knowledge integration

As a company focusing on helping oil companies accelerate building their exploration portfolio, ExploCrowd is often under pressure to meet deadlines. XaitPorter enables them to organize and structure their cross-team collaboration and review one another’s contributions.  

For ExploCrowd, the biggest advantage of using XaitPorter is enabling creative scientists to work together, share strategic information, find mutual challenges, and integrate their interdisciplinary knowledge. This helps them gain comprehensive insights that would not be possible when working in silos.

Documenting this teamwork is a veritable goldmine of value creation, Lindsø says:


– By working together on a flexible collaboration platform like XaitPorter, and through our shared passion for science, we are able to reach much further, and faster. What’s more, our collaboration partners and we enable clients to move quicker and set their ambitions higher by efficiently transferring our integrated knowledge to them.


One example of being able to move quicker is the new Orion Prospect, located in Norwegian Central Graben, where ExploCrowd has teamed up with geologist Jens-Ole Koch and integrated him in the existing team of seasoned experts. Together, they are preparing a license application ready for delivery whenever an oil company needs it, enabling speed and late-minute decisions during the summer. 


– XaitPorter is the perfect solution for APA license applications, and we can help a company write the application document. In other words, XaitPorter helps us turn expertise into business, accelerating exploration and value creation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.


Blowing away their clients with quality

Lindsø is clear that the XaitPorter software is crucial to facilitate collaboration and achieve high quality in a short time. Having leveraged the collaboration platform since ExploCrowd went operational in January 2017, Lindsø and her team wholeheartedly recommend it to organizations that can potentially benefit from streamlining their documentation process, or need many people to collaborate on and contribute to the same document.

Lindsø shares a story that illustrates how their multi-client reports have made a splash in the marketplace:


– We presented a report, co-authored by team members across ten different locations, and the client responded with, “This one here, this is how it’s done!” In fact, the client said it was the best initial research piece they had ever seen. They presented it to other partners, and the feedback was the same.


Achieving this level of customer delight is not a one-off, she points out – every time a client has received a report, they have been blown away. By the sheer document quality as well as by the academic professionalism.

This is what XaitPorter is an essential enabler for; ensuring top quality. 

The client said it was the best initial research piece they had ever seen. They presented it to other partners, and the feedback was the same.