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Xait We Are Hiring Austin

Xait Inc is hiring: Client Xperience Manager

Job Description:

Client Xperience Manager (CXM)


Austin, Texas


Charged with providing support for Xait (internal & external sales clients) to respond with a professional business document,based upon external clients request. This includes, but not limited toannual reports, reporting, proposals, procedures, tenders. Assist with the implementation of training and assisting with identifying key “Power-user” of application within client’s organization. Including the development of tools that the organization can use to improve  clients execution of creating a high quality document worldwide. The role of the Client Xperience Manager is to implement, support and provide training aligned with new or existing Sales processes. Also, will contribute and ensure potential and existing client growth and success.


Client Xperience Manager includes implementation, support, tracking performance and training

Reports To

Director of Operations



  1. Assist with creating and/or implementing process delivery for internal or external clients
  2. Ensure SOP’s are adhered to within organization
  3. When required, may assistTraining Center to update training material or reference mat
  4. Assist and coordinate clients identified “Power-user” or champions with appropriate training material
  5. Tracks and follow-up with Director of Operations and Client Service Manager all feedback from clients (bug, idea submissions, etc.)
  6. Ensure process and client communication is consistent between Xait and “Power-user” or administrators through teleconference or meetings
  7. Implements tools that execute processes more efficiently to accomplish the business objectives
  8. In accordance with Training Center guidelines to perform training, evaluating and reporting
  9. Attends conferences/meeting with clients, as required
  10. Training and Data Management
    1. Collaborate and leverage Client Service’s team to provide appropriate level of support for Xait clients “Power-user” or administrators
      1. Assist with implementing client’s project forecast
        1. Communicate the importance of ensuring the “Power-user(s)” have complete knowledge and awareness of how to use XaitPorter, and consistently deliver high quality training within client’s organiz In doing so, clients will be empowered to deliver a high quality document with more effectiveness and efficiency.
        2. May be called upon to assist Xait clients as a bid coordinator for bids, working with the client tender/project manager to engage all involved, integrate and assist client’s Bid Manager/Project manager with non-commercial content for delivery of an invitation to tender or project.
          1. Assist in business process redesign, as needed
          2. Implement a new tool to automate future client data from Xait’s BI
          3. Assist with creation or implementation of KPI’s:
            1. client utilization
            2. function utilization
            3. license utilization
            4. training
            5. client satisfaction
            6. score card
            7. storage
            8. geolocation usage
  11. Process Monitoring/Reporting

The CXM will report any potential problems, opportunities or other relevant information to the Account Executive (AE). Will also include the AE as soon as there is a need to expand the contract.

Tracks metrics and provide Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure adoption of application process and usage. Which includes:

  1. training
  2. # of users
  3. projects created
  4. win/Loss Data
  5. case studies
  6. testimonials


Documentation and Communication

  1. Provide documentation of business systems, which is understood by clients and consuming functions
  2. Solicits input from clients regarding client feedback
  3. Work with functions (ServerOps) and organizations on application updates, enhancements and future versions of business systems
  4. Communicate regularly with client’s “Power-user” or administrators using all modes of communication (Training, Conference Calls, Web-cast, etc.)


Experienced Preferred

2+ Proven understanding of authoring and collaborative process

2+ Project Management Experience

2+ Sales/Marketing

1+ Business Intelligence tool


Special Knowledge and Skills

Experience and strong background in business systems, including database management and analytic tools.

Understanding marketing applications design and implementation

Experience in sales and marketing processes

Knowledge of management systems and the interaction with business process


Interpersonal Skills

  • Outstanding written and oral communications skills
  • Effective facilitation skills for projects and teams
  • Strong interpersonal and analytical skills; able to influence change and solve problems
  • Highly motivated with the ability to work with various cross-functional teams
  • Keen systems aptitude, innovative and pragmatic
  • Committed to Active Listening
  • Creative problem solving and solution creation


Physical Requirements/Working Conditions

Able to travel – when required to train, present and communicate to clients


If you want to apply for the position of Client Xperience Manager, please send a cover letter and your resume to

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